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Hygrophila Difformis Bunched Plant


Hygrophila Difformis Bunched Plant

Size: 20-50cm Optimum pH: 5 - 8
Lighting: medium to very high
Temperature: 22-30 degrees celcius
Difficulty: 1 (1 = Easy 5 = Difficult)
Plant Arrangement: Mid-Background Bunched with a lead weight on the bottom to allow the plant to sit at the base of your aquarium.

Hygrophila Difformis (Water Wisteria) has deep green emersed leaves that turn to lime green and is a great mid-background plant. It it a very popular plant in the hobby and easy to keep but a shortage of micro-nutrients will lead to pale leaves. To plant this Hygrophila Difformis Bunched Plant, the sponge and weight attached to the plant should be removed from the plant as the constant contact will cause the plant to rot. The plant needs to be pushed into the substrate and if necessary, use rocks or ornaments to help weigh it down until it roots. After planting, it may go through a phase called the melt-off, when the plant appears to be dying and its leaves melting away. This is normal and the plant is simply shedding its old leaves that were grown in an emersed environment and will soon replace them with new fully aquatic foliage.