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G4 Pondseal 2.5kg Green

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G4 pond Sealer is a quick and easy to use, durable deep bonding plastic coating for concrete. No primer is needed, it can be used at low temperatures and seals out lime. It is a one component polyeurethane which forms a non-porous, tough, durable but flexible seal and it browny-translucent in colour. It will seal porous substrates such as concrete and brick but not concrete or lightweith blocks, these need to be rendered before application. When used for sealing ponds any substrate below the water level must be cement rendered. G4 can be used at low temperatures down to 0 degrees celcius and in areas of relatively high humidity, but cannot be used on bitumen or pond liners. The consumption rate varies depending on the porosity but on normal porous cement you need: G4 Clear - 3 coats = 550g/sq.m (for the 3 coats) G4 Coloured - 2 coats of G4 Standard = 410 g/sq., (for 2 coats) Then a further 2 coats of G4 Coloured = 400 g/sq.m (for 2 coats)