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FritzZyme 460 Saltwater


FritzZyme 460 Saltwater

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FritzZyme 360 Biological Aquarium Cleaner is an easy dosing aquarium conditioner that works in every type of system. It's safe for all species, including plants and invertebrates and it works easily and efficiently to reduce organics in your system naturally.

The powerfully probiotic blends of heterophobic bacteria quickly digests organic sludge commonly found in aquariums. This sludge is made up of fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter. If left untouched, this sludge can lead to algae growth.

Rather than relying on Live Bacteria to treat all types of systems, Fritz have found native naturally occurring species both specific to Freshwater and Saltwater environments and have found which work best! This means that both of their Freshwater and Saltwater formulas are perfect for your aquarium!

Using this product regularly as part of your maintenance will reduce the need to clean your substrate and perform water changes. It will also prolong the life of your filter media, eliminate foul odours and ensure you have a clean, clear and healthy aquarium!

For the best results 360 should be added directly to the aquarium in an area of high flow. Ensure your water is fully dechlorinated before adding and turn off your skimmers and UV Sterilisers for at least 48 hours after adding.

Variations of odour and colour between bottles is normal.

A strong sulfur smell does not mean the bacteria are dead.

Overdosed? Heterotrophic bacteria are very safe even if overdosed. Observe for any distress, increase aeration and perform small water changes if necessary

There is no need for refrigeration and it has a 2 year shelf life.

Can Be Used with All Other FritzZyme Products!

FritzZyme 460 Saltwater Sizes:

8 oz (236ml) - treats up to 1,793 Litres

16 oz (473ml) - treats up to 3,582 Litres

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8oz – 236ml, 16oz – 473ml