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Fritz FuzzOut Pro

Size: 75g - treats 378.5L

Fritz FuzzOut is an advanced all-in-one filter media and phosphate remover! It combats algae blooms, quickly removes toxins from your water and keeps the essential trace elements in balance.

Fritz FuzzOut Pro is also specially designed to combat stubborn hair algae by reducing Phosphates. It also removes toxins, metals, odours from your water column, reduces algae build up and organics, and provides oxygenating bacteria!

Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater systems, it comes in a pre-filled nylon bag which means no mess! FuzzOut cannot be regenerated and should be discarded once the product has been exhausted.

It's simple to add to your system too, just turn off any circulation and remove large patches of your hair algae prior to adding. Once this is done restart your circulation and place one mesh filter bag in a high flow area of your filtration system. After 2 weeks. remove the treatment and perform a 20% water change.

Do NOT Overdose. Product will begin working immediately. Using reverse osmosis water is recommended. Repeat treatment if hair algae is still visible.

If you have any questions about this product and whether it's the right product for your aquarium, contact us and a member of our friendly store team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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8oz – 236ml, 16oz – 473ml