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Exo Terra Collapsible Snake Hook 25-60cm

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The Exo Terra Snake Hook is designed to make snake-handling easier and safer for both handler and snake. A number of snakes have heat sensing abilities and may become defensive or curious towards warm body parts, such as hands and arms. The cool metal does not register any heat, making it less stressful on the snake and safer for the handler. The tip of the Exo Terra Snake Hook is rounded to prevent injury.
When the Exo Terra Snake Hook is fully extended, the shaft secures in place to prevent rotation while lifting or holding the snake. A snake hook can be a useful tool for everyday tasks, such as removing snakes for terrarium maintenance or transferring them to separate feeding locations. The Snake Hook can also be used to move terrarium d cor without frightening reptiles.
The pocket-sized, lightweight and strong design make the ExoTerra Snake Hook great for travel and field herping. Along with safe snake handling, the hook can be used to sift through debris or lift small rocks and logs. The Exo Terra Snake Hook also has a built-in wristband, so it cannot be accidentally dropped or lost.
Key Features :

Safe for Snake and Snake-handler
Light-weight and Strong
Non-rotating shaft for safe snake-handling
Extendable from 25,5 cm - 60 cm (10in - 24in)
Great Field Herping Tool
Ideal for handling hatchlings to medium sized snakes,