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Evo Aquarium UV Steriliser 15 Watt


Evolution Aqua aquarium UV sterilisers are perfect for lowering disease pathogens and clearing green water in aquariums.

Available in two sizes; 15 and 25 watt, with versatile 360° rotating, stepped hosetails, evoUV connect quickly and easily to external filters, powerheads or sump pumps.

The 15 Watt ultraviolet aquarium steriliser is suitable for aquariums up to 400 Litres (90 UK Gallons or 110 US Gallons). It has a maximum recommended flow rate of 1500 Litres per hour (330 UK Gallons per hour or 396 US Gallons per hour).

Bulb - 15 Watt T8

Inlet/Outlet - 1.5"

Fittings Supplied - 19mm

Dimensions: 540mm length x 170mm high x 120mm deep