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Eheim Aquaball Filters


Aquaball - the completely flexible module system with a spherical head - The ball is the trick. The round pump head sits in a ball joint. This enables adjustment of the outflow direction at choice. The flow rate is set at the output regulator. The air supply is dosed via the new POWERDIFFUSOR. And during all of this the filter remains in its position. It can't be done any more easily. The filter is simply taken out of the holder in order to clean, replace parts or fill in filter media. Now the pump head and the canister can be taken apart and reclipped together in a jiffy. Afterwards the whole filter is clipped into the holder in the aquarium. That's all! Aquaball sucks in the water over a large area. The round filter modules are designed so that the aquarium water is sucked in a 360° radius over almost the entire outer surface.

  • 60 - For aquariums from 30 - 60 litres. Pump output - 150-480 lph Power consumption - 5 W Dimensions - 160x96mm
  • 130 - For aquariums from 60 - 130 litres. Pump output - 180-550 lph Power consumption - 6 W Dimensions - 214x96mm
  • 180 - For aquariums from 80 - 180 litres. Pump output - 210-650 lph Power consumption - 6 W Dimensions - 270x96mm

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Aquaball 130, Aquaball 180, Aquaball 60