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Colombo Algadrex


Colombo Algadrex Green Water Controller makes green water in ponds clear in one hour.

In ponds, most problems are caused by Green Algae. Your fish can no longer been seen, plants receive insufficient light and oxygen levels and water quality is reduced.

The coagulated algae float on the surface of your water, sink to bottom or will be collected in your pond filter. This means an organic overloading of your pond environment. It is recommended that you remove algae as much as possible using a fine mesh pond net and by cleaning your pond filter.

Colombo Algadrex Green Water Controller Dosage:

500 ml treats 5000 ltrs of pond water.
1000 ml treats 10000 ltrs of pond water.
2500 ml treats 25000 ltrs of pond water.

It is very important to get the dosage correct for the treatment to work effectively in your pond. You must therefore calculate the litreage of your pond prior to dosing.

Always test your pond water quality PRIOR to using Colombo Algadrex Green Water Controller. You need to ensure the Carbonate Hardness (KH) is at least 6. A test strip is included within this pack.

Prior to treating:

Switch off UV Lamps, Algae Magnets and Ozone Generators and leave switched off for 1 week after treatment.
Do not filter over carbon or zeolite
Switch off Air pumps
Reduce circulation for best results.

Once your green water has cleared, regular use of Colombo Bi-clear will help keep your water clear and healthy.

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