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AquaGro CO2 Starter Kit

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A simple, effective and compact solution to supplying CO2 to your planted aquarium. Ideal for both beginners and more experienced plant keepers. Includes the new triangular diffuser, ideal for fitting in the corner of even the smallest tanks and nano aquariums and a 450ml disposable CO2 canister. This provides a convenient and hassle-free supply of CO2 allowing the immediate installation and use of the CO2 diffuser kit. A highly effective and compact CO2 diffuser which ensures the efficient diffusion of CO2 within the aquarium. As the diffuser is transparent it can easily be hidden. A high quality non return valve prevents water syphoning back from the CO2 diffuser to the CO2 canister. 2m of highly flexible 6mm (1/4") CO2 tubing is also supplied for versatile and easy connection of all components.