AI Hydra 64HD LED Light




With over 20% more LED spotlights, the Aquaillumination flagship lights just got more power to grow coral, making them eye-blindingly bright. The amount of light produced and vibrancy of coral reefs is improved with deeper blues and brighter whites, they will pop like never before with these LED tank lights.

These fish tank lights have been redesigned, the plastics in the Prime and Hydra line-up has resulted in two major benefits: greater efficiency and better aesthetics. Efficiency improvements reduce the demands for active cooling resulting in longer component life, and by reducing the profile depth has enhanced the presence of the light over the aquarium alongside energy efficiency.

Water-resistance is a major benefit in aquarium lighting, and while the new Prime and Hydras are not waterproof, design improvements should make them more resilient to accidental splashing and environmental moisture.

Improved Features of these LED aquarium lights:

  • More LEDs
  • More PAR
  • More Spread
  • Energy-saving and long life
  • Improved Optic Design
  • Improved Water Resistance
  • Thinner Profile
  • Dedicated Moonlight Channel
  • Wider Spectrum (channels)
  • Easier and Faster to Connect to MyAi app
  • Perfect for a wide range of marine life

Output in terms of PAR, colour mixing and spread are all improved with the new fixtures. The incorporation of more LEDs results in a more complete full-spectrum and TIR lenses which shape the light to its most efficient and effective result in both more colour POP as well as a slightly wider output area. LED placement and lens geometry blend the light from the clusters so that colour separation is further reduced.

A dedicated moonlight LED technology and a channel has been added in the new Prime 16HD, Prime Freshwater, Hydra 32HD and Hydra 64HD fixtures. This allows for independent moonlighting programmes that will deliver the desired aesthetic without needing to be a part of your primary schedule or risking overexposure for your livestock.

AI Hydra has always listened to the feedback from hobbyists, retailers and aquaculture facilities. As time goes on, they continue to shape their lighting products to meet and exceed the expectations of the community, for better performance, greater reliability and improved ease of use, understanding that to be your first choice for aquarium lighting they must always be delivering the best value in performance, features and support.

They have been perfecting this design for years and every detail has been meticulously attended to and we think you’ll love the end result.

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