Takazumi Yugen Junior Premium Koi Fish Food

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Takazumi Junior Premium is a complete, professional breeding feed for baby koi with a body weight of 1.5 to 5 grams (5-10cm) that was developed for the professional breeder. This extruded granulate contain the best ingredients of maritime origin. Due to the optimum combination of vitamins, minerals and a very high percentage of very easily digestibles proteins Takazumi Junior Premium guarantees a fast and optimum growth of your baby koi. Moreover it increases the certainty of survival in the early stage of koi life.

Max 25kg per order.

Instructions for use:

Preferably feed baby koi several times a day and not by a handful, but dosed with your fingers. The Takazumi Junior Premium pellets are partly floating and partly sinking. These different movements make the young koi bait, giving you the opportunity to observe whether all your baby koi feed enough. Takazumi guarantees the high product quality, for unopened packages and correct keeping until the expory date. Can be fed from water temperatures of 10 degrees celcius and up. Dosed feeding prevents cloudy water.

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