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Seneye wifi reef pack


Seneye is the latest technology to help you look after your koi. Have you ever lost a fish but didn't know why? Has your pond leaked but you found out too late? This Seneye unit allows you to easily monitor your pond and protect your fish. It helps you to save your fish from the devastating effects of ammonia poisoning - the number 1 killer, as well as harmful swings in pH and temperature. It's intelligent software automatically monitors your pond day and night alerting you before there is a problem so you can relax without having to worry. Features: * Automatically tests multiple life critical parameters. * Compatible with any size pond. * Easy to install, simply float in your pond or place inside your filter. * Seney is constantly monitoring and will alert you before there is a problem. * Get alerts however you want - flashing lights, email or SMS* * Upload results to the internet and get straightforward advice*. * Connect to a PC or optional USB power adaptor. *some features only available with Seneye+ Includes one months free Seneye+