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Reef Skim Pro 1000 DC – Protein Skimmer for Marine Aquariums



This high performance, professional protein skimmer incorporates an advanced, cone-shaped design with CNC precision engineered from the highest quality materials. It is a compact, space-saving design with an integral pump allows easy installation in most sumps.

Protein Skimmers work by removing organic compounds before it breaks down and releases nitrogen compounds, maintaining low nitrate levels with this skimmer, essential for reef, coral and saltwater aquariums.

Conical body design ensures the optimum water-to-air contact time and naturally encourages the unrestricted concentration of bubbles upwards towards the collection cup for intensive, efficient skimming.

Patented bubble diffusion plate system ensures uniform dispersal of micro-fine air bubbles across the entire skimmer column.

The unique, needle wheel injection system has been developed specifically to ensure the perfect mix of micro-fine air bubbles and water for optimum skimming.

Unique, innovative air intake silencer offers precision adjustment of airflow into the skimmer for optimum performance and also allows simple connection to an ozone generator.

User-friendly design, including a large, easy to remove collection cup with a drain system, ensures all parts of the skimmer can be accessed for effortless maintenance and cleaning.

Simple water level adjustment dial allows water level and flows to be finely tuned to ensure optimum foam consistency and highly efficient skimming.