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Powersafe 3 Outlet Switch Box


The range of Powersafe Switchboxes are not only the best quality switch boxes on the market with unique benefits delivered through innovation, but also the best value. Designed for safe pond-side and garden electrical connections allowing you to install many electrical power items in your pond and garden. • Each Switchbox has at a glance unique power on, and power standby indicator lights. • Individually fused outlets. • Weatherproof for outdoor use (IP56). • Clear power application identity labels for each switch included. • Simple to install, clear instructions included. • Large housing with simple to remove circuit board for easier wiring. • Integrated wall or post mounting bracket and fittings included. PS3 Three Way Switchbox: Fused outlets for up to: 1 x 1000W and 2 x 300W Total unit capacity - 1600W