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NT Labs Pro-F Algae Flake Food with Garlic

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NT Labs Algae Flake with Garlic
Provides optimum nutritional elements required by herbivorous marine fish species.
Helps fight and Increases Protection from Parasitic Attack
Excellent feeding stimulant.
Algae Flake with Garlic has been formulated to suit the dietary requirements of the herbivorous marine reef fish species. Therefore this diet is a blend of rich phytoplankton including spirulina and chlorella expertly mixed with a number of key species of highly nutritious seaweed. This provides the optimum nutritional elements required by marine reef fish species. The best and most exciting element to detail though is the addition of garlic. Garlic is well known to support fish recovering from parasitic infections and as a feeding stimulant, especially for some of the more timid species that can be difficult to entice to feed.
Seaweed, fish and fish derivatives, products and by-products of vegetable origin, minerals, oils and fats, garlic.
Protein 35%, Oil 8.4%, Fibre 2.4%
Vitamins A 15000IU, D3 3000IU, E 1000IU, C (stabilised) 1000IU, antioxidants.

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