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Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed Treatment



Blanket Weed, or sometimes known as string or filamentous algae is a common problem in many garden and ornamental ponds.

It thrives on warmth, sunlight and nutrients within the pond water and can make the pond look unsightly. It also chokes the growth of pond flora and fauna and in severe cases fish, especially Sterlet species, can become tangled within it and drowning them.

Ultra Violet Clarifiers and filters cannot reduce this algae leaving the pond owner to utilise a reliable blanket weed treatment.

Continually since 2014, ClearWaters Blanket Weed has been endorsed by Which? as a best buy blanket weed treatment. the most effective treatment for blanket weed (string algae), slime algae and nuisance duck weed and utilises monolinuron, a fast and proven algaecide which is completely safe for use in all ornamental ponds.

The use of ClearWaters Blanket Weed will provide on-going care for your pond which is achieved with ClearWaters cultivated beneficial bacteria, which helps keep your pond clean and the return of the blanket weed.

ClearWaters Blanket Weed does not contain added metals such as copper or zinc. It dissolves quickly and your pond water does not take on a white or milky appearance which can cause stress to fish and neither does it settle and build up on the pond bottom.

Because ClearWaters Blanket Weed does not contain metals there can be no long term detrimental effect on fish, molluscs, water plants and wildlife. It can safely be administered to ponds containing all species of pond fish and is also harmless to frogs and other animals such as birds or pets that may drink from the water.

ClearWaters Blanket Weed is effective in water temperatures down to 4 degrees centigrade and makes this product a successful treatment to fight filamentous algae in the early spring, throughout summer and until late autumn.

For dosage information see additional information.

Available sizes:

1 Litre – treats 10,000 litres / 2,200 gallons