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Medikoi Probiotic 750g


Size: 750g

Medikoi Probiotic has been specially formulated after years of research and development to bring you a professional diet for Champion Koi. The highest quality ingredients found in Medikoi Probiotic promote healthy growth development, the desired body shape and significantly enhance colour definition in Koi, whilst massively reducing waste. Medikoi Probiotic food provides beneficial probiotic bacteria for Koi, but it also contains a food for the beneficial bacteria too in the form of a prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide). This combination ensures a vigorous population of gut bacteria and digestive enzymes (ODC) which over time results in a vastly improved ability to absorb nutrients and optimise waste.

Key Features:

  • Optimum digestive capacity
  • 6mm Pellet
  • Rapid colour enhancer
  • Multi season koi food
  • Protein 38%, Oil 8%, Inulin, Stimune 1000 mg/kg,
  • Feed at 5 -26C.
  • Can be fed at temps as low as 5 degrees

Max 25kg per order. If you require more please contact us so we can advise.