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Jecod Variable Speed DC Return Pump


The Jecod Variable DC Return Pump is a perfect addition to your aquarium set up with it's super quiet operation thanks to it's Sine Wave controller technology. Tailor your pumps flow to your own preference with the new digital controller with digital display of your power consumption. Suitable for both external and internal operation. The new enclosed impeller design allows for quiet operation and the water resistant ceramic shaft means your pump is robust and reliable.

You can save up to 65% on energy and IC Electronic detection means that your pump will automatically turn off when no water is detected. There is also motor protection should the rotor become blocked and no copper elements are used in its construction meaning this pump is perfect for both marine and freshwater aquariums.

Soft start operation means your pump gradually builds up to the set flow rate and you can enable feeding mode which disables the pump for 10 minutes to allow your fish to feed easily. Should the pump lose power it will retain and return to it's last setting when back up and running.

Includes your pump, controller, UK power adapter and plug, hosetails and connections for flexible tube as well as your inlet filter.

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DCP-2500, DCP-3500, DCP-6500, DCP-8000, DCP-15000