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Indo-Reef Rimless Glass Aquarium




The Indo-Reef Rimless Aquariums are a range of products built to the highest standards with a number of unique features. The tank glass is low-iron with stylish bevelled edges and the cabinets are solid wood and metal framed. They are clad in highly polished acrylic and glass, giving them a stylish yet incredibly durable finish. Perfect for tropical fish, coldwater fish, marine fish and coral reef set ups.

There are two types of Indo-Reef Rimless Tanks, the Midi and the Grande. The Midi is our standard size Indo-Reef which has a standard width of 50cm and a standard height of 129cm. The Grande is the wider Indo-Reef that has a wider width of 60cm and a height of 145cm. Each glass fish tank is then available in various lengths ranging from 60cm to 180cm and custom sizes are available just get in touch!

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Tank Size

Grande – 120cm x 60cm x 145cm, Grande – 150cm x 60cm x 145cm, Grande – 180cm x 60cm x 145cm, Grande – 60cm x 60cm x 145cm, Grande – 90cm x 60cm x 145cm, Midi – 120cm x 50cm x 129cm, Midi – 150cm x 50cm x 129cm, Midi – 60cm x 50cm x 129cm, Midi – 90cm x 50cm x 129cm


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