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Fluval 206 Motor Head Maintenance Kit


Fluval 206 Motor Head Maintenance Kit

A complete maintenance kit for your Fluval 206 filter.

Aquarium filters require regular servicing to perform at their best. Impellers can get worn over time and slow down or become loud. This can lead to inefficient filtration and poor water quality as a result. Equally O-rings can become old and brittle with age, reducing flexibility. Periodically replacing vital components of the filter with the items in this kit will ensure your filter continues to provide optimum performance, power and economy. This kit is specifically for the Fluval 206 filter.

1 x Magnetic Impeller
1 x Ceramic Impeller Shaft & Rubber Bushing
1 x Impeller Cover
1 x Motor Head 'O' ring

The manufacturer recommends replacing these items annually for proper filter performance.