EcoTreat Clear Pond Water Treatment

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EcoTreat Clear can be used to treat organic sludge in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, canals, streams and rivers. It is a natural product (calcium carbonate) that consists of the remains of billions of tiny fossilised marine invertebrates. The product is processed into minute particles averaging only 5 microns in diameter. The smallness of the particles is one of the key properties that provides the products benefits listed below.


  • Improves water clarity by settling suspended solids.
  • Decreases organic matter in sludge by increasing natural microbial activity, thus reducing sludge depth.
  • Increases oxygenation in anaerobic sludges.
  • Counteracts acidity in water and sludge.
  • Reduces foul smelling gases, a by-product of anaerobic sludge.
  • Can boost the aquatic food chain as organic matter is turned into microbes.
  • Provides essential calcium


Available Sizes:

  • 1kg tub
  • 5kg tub
  • 10kg tub


Max 30kg per order. If you require more please contact us so we can advise.

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