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4 Stage Pumped 50gpd RO Unit

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This 4-Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is ideal for homes with low mains water pressure. If you wish to check your water pressure, collect water from the closest point you wish to connect your RO unit to. Every 9 litres of water that flows from your tap is equivalent to 1 bar water pressure, so if you collect 27 litres from your tap in one minute then an un-pumped RO unit can be used.

This unit is designed for automatic unattended operation; it is fitted with electronic controls.

  • Low Pressure Switch – This switches the pump off when the water pressure is reduced either by blocked filters or a lack of water
  • Flush Valve – Provides a 19 second pumped high pressure flush when the system starts up; this removes any accumulated impurities. NB: For extended use we recommend that the manual flush valve is also used to prolong the life of the membrane.
  • High Pressure Switch – This enables the RO Unit to be used with an automatic float valve within the water storage tank. When the storage tank is full the float valve closes off the water supply and the high pressure switch will operate by stopping the unit, closing the waste valve, turning off the pump, and stopping water production. The system will re-start when the ball valve opens again.


Stage 1: PP Filter made from spun polyester designed to remove particles, impurities from water.

Stage 2: CTO made from extruded high quality activated carbon, removes particles as small as 5 microns

Stage 3: RO Membrane 50 GPD designed to remove Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Hormones and Bacteria, removes 97-99% of all impurities.

Stage 4: DI refillable cartridge for Mixed Bed Resin used for polishing water for marine fish use

Items included:

  • 5 Micron Pre-filter
  • 5 Micron CTO filter
  • 50 GPD RO Membrane
  • Refillable DI resin cartridge
  • Mains self-piercing connector
  • Waste water saddle valve
  • Connecting ¼” tube

This unit is manufactured to comply with REVERSE OSMOSIS STANDARD NSF58

Technical Information

    • Size W472mm x D170mm x H370mm
    • Operating Temperature 5C-40ºC
    • Operating pressure 25-58psi