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225 Micron Mesh Filter Bag

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Red Sea Micron filter bags
A range of 3 high quality, reusable filter bags providing different levels of mechanical filtration. These 10.5″/26cm long filter bags for Red Sea’s REEFER and MAX-S aquariums will also fit any standard 4″/10cm filter bag holder.

100 & 225 micron Felt filter bags
Available in 2 porosities, the felt bags are very effective at trapping particulate matter in the thick wall of the bag.

• 100 micron felt bags are designed to provide fine ‘polishing’ of water that is already low in particulate matter (mature aquariums).

• 225 micron felt bags are ideal for regular day to day use and enable a longer period between cleaning than with the 100 micron bags.

225 micron Thin-Mesh filter bags

225 micron thin-mesh bags are perfect for new setups and after heavy maintenance or whenever there is a lot of particulate matter in the water. They are also suitable as a holder for other mechanical or chemical filter media. The monofilament construction of these bags makes them very easy to clean.

These bags are now used in REEFER™ and MAX-S™ Systems