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Goldfish Comets & Shubunkins

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Shirley Aquatics have a range of goldfish, comet and shubunkins. Whether you’re looking to buy your first goldfish or to add some sparkle and colour to your pond with a coldwater fish mix, we have just the right live fish for you. 

Goldfish are perhaps the most popular coldwater fish and almost every aquarian enthusiast’s first underwater pet. The Common goldfish are delightful, active and available in different colours, including red-and-white.

Comets are the most popular type of goldfish out there, the little, super-fast, orange-gold variety.

Shubunkins are similar to common goldfish and comet goldfish. They are calico goldfish, which possess a mix of metallic and transparent scales with a pearly appearance.

Note: Our fish stocks do vary, especially during the winter months so we recommend calling us on 0121 744 1300 or get in touch to confirm what we have in store before placing your order or coming into our store.

Explore our variety of live coldwater fish and make your garden pond look gorgeous.

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