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How do I calculate how much pond liner I need?

It is important you make sure you have the right size pond liner for your pond.

It’s almost impossible to get a pond liner that is a perfect fit for your hole in the ground and there will always be some excess that you need to trim off.

Our pond liner calculator will help you find the closest match for what you need.

You need to provide your maximum length, maximum depth and maximum width. The calculator will then allow 12” (30cm) overlap all the way around in order for you to secure the liner once in place.

Input your measurements in the top three boxes and see your pond calculations in the boxes below. If you enter your email address, these will also be emailed to you for future reference. Then head through to our Pond Liners page to select your liner and underlay.

*this link will open a new tab so you can refer back here if you need to.

Don’t have the right measurements?
If you need to convert metres to feet multiply your measurements by 3.28.

For example, 3 metres x 3.28 = 9.84 feet