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Marginal Pond Plants

Marginal plants grow in the shallow edges in your pond, the margins, with their roots on aquatic planting shelves. They bring shape to the water’s edge and provide eye-catching foliage throughout the seasons. We also sell deep water marginal plants for ponds with deeper edges. 

These pond plants help maintain the health of your pond by shading the water surface, providing protection, a food source and egg-laying areas for your fish and pond inhabitants. These plants also reduce the heat of the pond water, therefore reducing the growth of algae.

It is generally advisable to trim away foliage as it dies in the autumn to avoid any plant matter breaking down into your pond and affecting the water quality and fish health. Browse the wide range of marginal pond plants at Shirley Aquatics to create the perfect environment for your fish friends whilst also building a beautiful area. You will be sure to find exactly what you need to keep your pond in top condition.

Please note that our pond plant stocks do vary, especially during the winter months. We recommend calling us on 0121 744 1300 or get in touch to confirm what we have in store before placing your order or coming into our store.

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