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Eazypod Range

Perfect for ponds of up to 10,000 litres, the Evolution Aqua EasyPod filters provide biological and mechanical filtration, utilising the static K1 micro for biological filtration. Part of the Nexus filter family, you can expect the same level of quality filtration from this premium range.

How Does the EasyPod Work

It’s a simple to understand but sophisticated in its results filtration system. The pond water enters the EasyPod via the inlet and then circulates around the outer chamber of the EasyPod and passes through the stainless steel grill, which allows the larger solids to be filtered out through mechanical filtration. 

Then the water enters the second chamber where the biological filtration using the K1 Micro happens. * After passing through the K1 Micro, the water goes into the inner return pipe and back into the pond. 

The EasyPod filters are simple to clean and easy to set up. Browse our entire selection of pond filters to find the perfect one, which will keep your pond and koi fish clean and healthy.

*K1 micro filter media has an incredible surface area for biological activity. In the central chamber of the EazyPod it also packs tightly together and as the water passes through it, finer particles are stripped out, polishing the water. 

The beauty of the EazyPod system is how easy it is to clean. Once isolated from your pond, you open a valve to allow air into the central chamber. The K1 Micro quickly releases all of the debris it has collected for you to flush away.

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