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Koi Fish Food

Koi fish need different food and supplements depending on the different seasons. Shirley Aquatics stock a wide range of spring and autumn koi food, as well as staple and growth fish food from brands such as Nishikoi, Takazumi, Medikoi, and Evolution Aqua.

Shirley Aquatics also have a range of wheatgerm pond fish foods, providing excellent health benefits to your aquatic pond friends during cold winter months. Due to its low protein content, wheatgerm food helps with digestion and is ideal for feeding your pond fish when temperatures start to drop.

We are proud to stock high-quality wheat germ from brands such as Nishikoi, MedikoiHikari and many more. Our wheatgerm fish food and wheatgerm pond sticks come in a variety of packages, up to 10kg, guaranteed to last you through the colder months.

You will be sure to find a selection of quality fish food at Shirley Aquatics, to keep your pond fish growing happy and healthy, whichever the season! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need professional advice and help with choosing the right fish food for your pond.

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