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Pond Pump Accessories

Pond pumps are essential equipment for your garden pond. Water pumps help circulate water through your pond as well as through your pond filter and this movement helps to oxygenate the water. Air pumps can also be added to aid aeration in turn helping your fish stay healthy and happy. Even if you don’t have a fish pond, pond pumps are a great addition to your regular decorative pond, especially fountain pumps as they can be used to create enchanting features.

At Shirley Aquatics, you can find a wide range of high-quality pond pumps for your garden pond! Buy pond pumps from renowned brands such as Hozelock, Pontec, Blagdon and Oase all at fantastic prices. We also have all in one unitspond filters and UV Units to complete your pond system.

Shirley Aquatics also have a range of pond pump spares including fountain nozzles and pond pump impellers from brands such as Oase and Hozelock, and a range of pond air pump accessories including pond air dividerspond air stone and pond airline from brands such as Velda, Boyu and much more.

We offer next day delivery on a wide range of products and you can even give us a call and speak to one of our experts to find which pond pump, spares, or accessories suit you best!

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