Vitalis Plec Pellets

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A complete balanced diet and advanced mineral formula for tropical freshwater plecostomus . Over 20 years of ornamental aquaculture experience and research and development have produced this highly palatable and digestible tropical pellet. Blended with only natural ingredients and preservatives it provides a unique mineral profile exclusively formulated by New Era for tropical freshwater fishes.


– Water quality improved by low leaching formula, which ‘locks in’ nutrients until consumed.

– Healthy weight and vibrancy by using only high quality proteins and natural ingredients.

– Highly palatable – a diet designed for Plecostomus catfish.

– Enhanced colouration through an exclusive tropical mineral profile.

Plec pellets are a rich source of high quality protein, lipids and natural carotenoid pigments which have been designed to minimise biodegradation and thereby assist aquatic recirculation systems.

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