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Regal 150-S Protein Skimmer


The Reef Octopus Regal 150-S is a hybrid space-saving skimmer with a 900lph VarioS pump. These skimmers are ideal for aquariums that have very limited sump space due to their conical body.

The Regal-S features a high-quality cast acrylic body that naturally stabilises and concentrates organic foam as it rises. It is powered by a VarioS skimmer pump which features a pinwheel impeller, detachable controller, high quality ceramic shaft and bearing. This reduces wear and tear and allows for variable speed flow technology, providing enhanced performance, energy-efficiency and safety. 

The variable speed control settings allow the user to closely monitor and control the levels of air and water flowing into the skimmer. The Regal-S comes with 5 preset speed settings that are indicated by LEDs.

There is also the feed mode option. This can be engaged at the push of a button and is programmed to last either 15 or 60 minutes, depending on the setting.

The Reef Octopus Regal-S has a product life expectancy of 10 years.