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Reef Factory Package: KH Keeper with Dosing Pump Bundles!



The KH Keeper is a stand alone measuring tool allowing you to see your KH Parameter easily and clearly, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could make amendments based on these results? No need to worry, Reef Factory have already thought of this for you! Easily pair the Dosing Pump or Dosing Pump Pro with your KH Keeper and these tools will work together to create a perfect KH monitoring team and make necessary corrections as and when needed!

You can create a set with any combination of dosing pumps with any number of devices and organise them easily and conveniently with the Dosing Pump Holder!

The following bundles are available:

– Bundle 1 – KH Keeper + 1 Dosing Pump

– Bundle 2 – KH Keeper + 1 Dosing Pump Pro

– Bundle 3 – KH Keeper + 4 Dosing Pumps with Dosing Pump Holder

– Bundle 4 – KH Keeper + 4 Dosing Pump Pros with Dosing Pump Holder


If you want to choose what combination of Dosing Pumps and Dosing Pump Pros you have in your bundle please get in touch!

All of your devices will also connect to the Smart Reef App allowing you to easily see the history of the corrections made and measurements taken on your dashboard.

KH Keeper comes with a 2 year consumer warranty.

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Bundle 1, Bundle 2, Bundle 3, Bundle 4


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