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NP reducing Biopellets 500ml

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Revolutionary! NP reducing biopellets are the perfect way to control nitrates and Phosphates in a marine aquarium. They have a unique mode of action which means they can be used in most forms of filtration including canister filters and fluidized reactors. They are very economical compared to other forms of nitrate and phosphate removal. You will need around 50 to 200ml of biopellets for every 100 litres of water (your system requirements will depending on feeding levels and its current efficiency, in some extreme cases you may need up to 400ml per 100 litres) but the best part is that it will be six month before you need to replace any! NP-reducing BioPellets are consumed by bacteria, which is why new pellets need to be added every 6-12 months to compensate for digested filter media. For further information see our biopellet article in the knowledge base section