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Featherfin Synodontis

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Featherfin Synodontis (Synodontis Eupterus)

Care level: Easy
Max Size: 30cm
Diet: Omnivore
Temp: 22-26°C
PH: 6.2-7.5
Purchase size: 3cm

The Featherfin Synodontis is a sociable catfish from Africa. Sometimes they're referred to as the featherfin squeaker, because the adults can make a very audible noise then they feel frightened and are taken out of water. These attractive fish have a lot of character and are very active around the aquarium. The attractive reticulated pattern of this fish changes as it ages, eventually becoming spots. The dorsal fin elongates with age as well. Sometimes can be seen swimming in the infamous upside down position that synodontis are well known for and skimming the surface of the water for food.

The aquarium should be at least 4ft long and fully furnished with bog wood, rocks, caves and plants to provide hiding places and shady spots. These fish can adapt to a wide range of conditions and have a generally peaceful disposition. They can be kept with larger community fish such as barbs, tetras, rainbowfish and some of the more peaceful cichlids. They should not be kept with malawi or tanganyikan cichlids as those fish are entirely too aggressive.

Food can be offered in the form of catfish pellets as well as fresh or frozen fish foods such as mysis, bloodworm and brine shrimp.



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