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Shirley Aquatics have a passion and commitment to bringing an unbeatable service with our vast and unique product range and forward thinking expert team to guide you carefully through each stage of your hobby.


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A Passion for Marine Life

Shirley Aquatics has had a big plaice in its heart for the marine keeping hobby right from the very start.

If you cut us open, we bleed salt water…well not quite, but you get the picture. It’s a fascinating hobby with an infinite amount of possibilities.

We enjoy helping people to realise this hobby is not as difficult as its made out to be. We sift through all the information available, so you don’t have to, and provide a balanced view on what is achievable as well as what is right for you and the animals.

Koi Carp

Shirley Aquatics was the first company to ever bring Japanese Koi carp into the UK and offer thousands of handpicked Koi.

Every year we are able to offer a fantastic range of Koi to suit any pond, from 10cm babies to 100cm monsters with each one being handpicked and cared for by our expert team.

With decades of experience Shirley Aquatics is your only stop for advice on Koi health, water quality, feeding, pond filtration and design.

Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are at the heart of our business.

If it wasn’t for Ronald Cook introducing his son John to the fascinating hobby of breeding and showing tropical fish all those years ago, there may not be a Shirley Aquatics today.

The enthusiasm shown by John back then is carried forward by our tropical team today. All of our staff are passionate about this aspect of the hobby offering unrivalled advice and friendly service.

We always keep fantastic selections of all the favourites such as guppies, mollies, swords, tetras and gouramis, as well as specializing in Discus, African Cichlids, rainbows, L number plecostomus, corydoras cat fish and puffers.

Plant Perfection

Terrestrial plants form a very important part of our living world. In the same way aquatic plants enhance both pond and aquarium ecosystems. Despite this analogy, many aquatic plants are not given the same care as even house plants.

Knowing this we specialise in all types of aquatic plant with amazing selections of both pond and aquarium plants, offering extensive advice on plant suitability, fertilisers, CO2, lighting and substrates. All to help you get the best out of any garden pond, bog garden or aquarium biotope.

Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates

Reptiles and Amphibians are much like any other pet that you could consider purchasing. As with any pet, the more you put into the care of the animal, the more you will get back in return.

There is an array of species that you can choose to care for and each one will have their own personality and will require the correct husbandry, environment, and diet.

Our Reptile team are each experts with many years experience. They love to pass on their love of Reptile Keeping to customers, as well as all the information they can to help you with your new pet.