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Water Soldier Floating Plant




The water soldier is an ideal plant for ornamental ponds. It floats just beneath the surface providing cover for fish and sinks down to the bottom of your pond in winter time. This is a native plant to Britain and whilst it was common at one time in East Anglia it is now rarely seen. It is only thanks to the water gardener that there is little danger of extinction, but we should still try to propagate this plant to ensure its safety. Because the Water Soldier is a native British plant you do not need to lift it in the Autumn. You may also hear this plant called the “Pineapple Plant” owing to its similarity to a Pineapple plant with its spiny leaves. Its structure and appearance is also very similar to some succulent plants and bromeliads. The plant grows in a rosette with 1″ wide tapering leaves which can reach a length of 9″, which means the diameter of the plant can reach up to 18″. Because of its size it is obviously not a plant for a small pond or water feature. The dark green leaves are edged with recurving prickles so you should take care when handling this plant.

Available to buy from April to September.

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