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Vitalis Cichlid Herbivore Pellets

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Formally known as Rift Lake Green Cichlid Pellets.

Pellet Size:

Small - 1.5mm

A complete balanced diet and advanced mineral formula for African cichlids. Vitalis has used the very latest technology and nutritional enhancements to produce a soft and malleable sinking pellet for Cichlids. Designed to lock in nutrients and aid water quality these diets are both highly palatable and digestible. Containing the highest quality ingredients, this low protein herbivore diet caters for African rift lake cichlids. Together with a unique blend of algae, tailored mineral profile and rich source of vitamins, these pellets provide a complete and well balanced diet.


- Low protein content.

- Highly digestible.

- Vibrant colour enhancement.

- Improved water quality.

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