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Vitalis Marine Flakes

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A complete well-balanced diet for coral reef fishes made from the finest natural ingredients New era Marine Flakes are a highly palatable and digestible balanced diet for captive coral reef species. It can be used alone as a complete feed, or in rotation with our technical Aegis range to maximise health and vigour. Their innovative formula means that the nutrients are only unlocked when the food is eaten, and do not break down in the water like other feeds. it’s a much cleaner way to feed your fish.


– A highly palatable food taken by a larger range of species than other marine foods.

– Designed to minimise leaching effects and complement recirculated filtration systems.

– Enhanced colouration – using natural carotenoid pigments.

– Peak condition and vitality – achieved by using only natural and high quality proteins and a tailored marine mineral profile.

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