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Vitalis Algae Flakes

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A complete balanced diet for herbivorous coral reef fishes. Vitalis Herbivore Flakes incorporate their expert knowledge of natural ingredients and preservatives together with a blend of carefully selected algaes for captive herbivorous species; particular emphasis has been placed on the requirements of bottom dwelling species and delicate feeders to provide a highly palatable and digestible balanced diet. Herbivore Flakes are made from whole dietary components that provide optimum mineral profiles and a rich source of high quality protein and natural carotenoid pigments.


– Helps restore vivid colouration and vitality lost through lack of appropriate algae.

– A simple and effective feeding programme that satisfies the nutritional requirements of captive herbivorous feeders and specifically designed for delicate feeders.

– Designed to minimise leaching effects and compliment installed filtration systems.

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