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Ultimate Blanket Weed Package!


If you haven't read our blog post on how to get rid of blanket weed, we definitely recommend having a look as it's jam-packed with useful information, tips and recommendations. You can read it here!

If you have read it then you're here for our recommended combo package of great products that will solve your problem for good!

As stated we recommend blitzing the blanket weed with Cloverleaf Blanket Answer (you may need to administer 2 doses over the next 6 weeks) and treating with EcoTreat Clarity in the background. This combination gives you the best of both worlds, quickly killing the blanket weed, and then laying the foundations so that the blanket weed never comes back again!

We have 3 package sizes available for different size ponds:

Small - for ponds up to 2500 Litres/550 Gallons approx. Includes:

  • x1 250g EcoTreat Clarity
  • x1 200g Cloverleaf Blanket Answer


Medium - for ponds up to 10,000 Litres/2200 Gallons approx. Includes:

  • x1 1kg EcoTreat Clarity
  • x1 800g Cloverleaf Blanket Answer All Season


Large - for ponds up to 25,000 Litres/5500 Gallons approx. Includes:

  • x2 1kg EcoTreat Clarity
  • x1 4kg Cloverleaf Blanket Answer


If your pond is bigger than the available sizes get in touch for a specialised recommendation!

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