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Reefscape Maxi 640 Rimless Glass Aquarium


Reefscape Maxi 640 Rimless Glass Aquarium


The reefscape range of aquariums from Cleair is one of the best ranges of rimless aquariums on the market. They are extremely popular in America and Asia. And now available in the UK exclusively from Shirley Aquatics. These amazing aqauriums are already used by thousands of aquarists in the UK for reef aquariums, marine fish only aqauriums, tropical aquariums, planted aquariums, goldfish aqauriums and even turtle aquariums.

MIDI range measure 500mm by 500mm. The MAXI measure 600mm x 600mm and the XCEED  measure an impressive 650mm wide by 600mm high.

Each cabinet is available in gloss black, gloss white and grey (coming soon). They are available in a range of lengths from 600mm up to 1800mm. When compared to other leading brands, such as red sea aquariums, the cleair reefscape range stands out both in respect to value for money and their unique features. Each reefscape aquarium is supplied with aquarium, cabinet, pipework, sump tank, freshwater reservoir and auto top up valve. Lighting and pump available separately. Other accessories also available.

Tank Height: 60cm
Cabinet Height 83cm
Aquarium Width: 180cm
Aquarium Depth: 60cm
Tank Litres: 520L
Sump Litres: 120L
Lighting Sold Separately. Get in touch for options.


Each reefscape aquarium is built using low iron glass (commonly know as optiwhite) and gives you the ultimate clarity and colour. Each glass panel is machine finished and bevelled, offering a fantastic finish.

The beauty of any rimless glass aquarium is in its clean lines and crisp finish. A popular option for dedicated tropical and marine scapers. There is no additional glass work or carpentry involved which could detract from the beauty of the aquarium. The Aquarium consists only of 5 pieces of glass. For this reason, cleair use clear silicone to glue the panels together, which in this case offers a cleaner finish. Other manufactures have chosen black silicone so there is always a notable line around the edges of the aquarium.

Unlike other manufacturers there is no MDF used in the construction of the reefscape cabinet. Nor are the cabinets flat packed. Each cabinet is expertly assembled in the cleair factory using strong and durable components that are unaffected by water. MDF can swell over time, whereas, the reefscape cabinet frame is built using solid wood, metal and treated, laminated wood. The frame is then clad in acrylic (this offers a superb finish, with the added benefit that scratches can be buffed out using T-Cut).


Drain and return pipe work are housed behind a colour coded acrylic weir. The weir sits in the right hand corner as opposed to central. This offers better opportunities for aquascaping and also improves circulation within the aquarium. Other brands choose central placement.

Each door is composed of a metal frame and coloured glass cover, giving a piano gloss finish. Soft close hinges are used and a “push to close” door catch ensures the sleek lines are not interrupted with awkward handles. Cabinet looks sleek and modern.

The multi chamber sump is suitable for a number of purposes. It comes complete with cover plates to reduce evaporation so fewer top-ups are required. It is easily accessible with extra head room in the cabinet and also provides additional space outside of the sump for all of your dry equipment. There is enough room for additional equipment like skimmers and phosphate reactors.

One final, interesting feature is that each rimless glass aquarium comes with cover plates and a colour coded surround means they fit perfectly with the aquarium and cabinet. These cover plates mean that there is no need to buy jump guards for those extra jumpy fish. They will also reduce evaporation.

We feel that this is a superior range of aquariums in many ways. At Shirley Aquatics we always have a huge stock of these aquariums. Cleair also offer a custom build facility for non-standard size tanks, although it may take up to 12 weeks for delivery. We feel it's still worth the wait, so if you are looking for a truly unique design, then contact us for more information.

Lighting Sold Separately.


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