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Hozelock Pond Vacuum


Hozelock Pond Vacuum

Hozelock's pond vac is time saving efficient way to clean your pond. Key features A compact and lightweight, pond vac for quickly cleaning and removing waste from ponds with a minimum of effort. Saves up to 30% in cleaning time and has up to 50% greater suction compared with other pond vaccums. Pump rating: 60W Suction power: 53mBar Cable length: 10m Product length: 2.3m Waste hose length: 3m Waste hose diameter: 25mm

The Hozelock Pond Vacuum runs continuously, saving you up to 30% in cleaning time.

It does not have to stop every minute for the collection chamber to be emptied, unlike many other pond vacs.

With up to 50% greater suction the highly efficient design clears debris quickly, improving water clarity.

The combination of high suction and low power consumption makes the Pond Vac up to 7 times more efficient, minimising running costs. Cutter blades are built into the head assembly so that any large debris such as leaves passing through can be chopped up to avoid blockage.

The Pond Vac can also be used with The Pond Vac Basket to recycle water filtered from the pond.

Supplied with a choice of three brightly coloured nozzles for clear in-pond visibility, the Pond Vac is capable of removing particles from all areas of the pond.