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NT Labs Pro-F Nano Tropical Fish Food

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Size: 45g

- Micro Pellet

- Colour Enhanicing

- Highly Palatable Nano mouths need nano feeds.

Nano Tropical Pellet is a true pellet that measures a tiny 0.8mm in diameter; perfect for the smallest of aquarium fish such as sparkling gouramis, galaxy rasboras, Siamese fighting fish and endler guppies. Nano Tropical Pellet is a highly palatable and easily digestible food to ensure minimal waste and improved water quality which is especially important in small aquariums. Nano Tropical Pellet boasts a stabilised multi-vitamin mix, colour enhancing astaxanthin ad Stimune to keep your fish looking their best and in top health. Suitable for most freshwater tropical species. Feed twice daily, only the amount your fish will consume in a few minutes.