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NT Labs Barley Straw Pouch


NT Labs Barley Straw Pouches are the natural and effective way to control green water algae in garden ponds. Completely harmless to pets, wildlife and ponds, Barley Straw for ponds restricts the speed at which algae and blanketweed grows in pond water, leading to a clearer pond. NT Labs were the first company in the UK to market this method of algae removal and it remains as effective today. Good pond care starts with an NT Labs Barley Straw Pouch it is recommended that one be added every 6 months to maintain continuous and effective control of algae and blanketweed growth.

The affordable way to keep pond water clear!

Available Packs:

Single - 1 Pouch treats 3673 litres

Twin - 2 Pouches treat 7346 litres

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