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Frozen Malawi Mix 100g Blister

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Frozen Malawi Mix 100g Blister

Frozen Malawi Mix is a blend of daphnia, spinach, mysis, fish meat and krill has been blended for use in a Malawi cichlid community tank. It is rich in iron and other essential nutrients required by this cichlid species.

This frozen fish food is suitable for fresh water, tropical, cold water fish and cichlids. Feed only as much as your fish will consume in a few minutes. It's important to feed a varied diet to keep fish in perfect health with great colours. Uneaten food should always be taken out of the aquarium.

  • Frozen Malawi mix fish food is available in 100g blister packs.
  • This food is Gamma Irradiated to ensure it is pathogen free.
  • Suitable for tropical fish, cold water fish and cichlids

Key Nutritional Information:

Protein: 4.5%
Fibre: 0.5%
Fat: 0.5%
Lipids: 4.5%
Moisture (Approx.): 90%

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BCUK also manufacture Salt Lake City, Mysis RS and First Bite Range.