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Live Waxworms Reptile Food

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Live Waxworms Reptile Food

Waxworms, the larvae of the Wax moth, are full of delicious nutrients, proteins and fats. Waxworms make quite a hearty meal and have a high fat content, so we would only recommend adding them once or twice a week to enrich your reptile’s main diet. They are also useful to fatten up pets if you need to improve their health. They're easy to catch by any reptile or amphibian and their soft skins can be eaten by just about anything without worrying about potential harm.

waxworms can be kept for several weeks without the need for feeding as they will simply live on their fat reserves. Kept at room temperature, they have a higher likelihood of pupating and turning into months, so it's better to keep them in a secure container in the fridge where they will remain dormant.

Available to purchase in pre-packed tubs of 50g, waxworms are the perfect size for many reptiles and amphibians including dragons, geckos, dragons, chameleons, tarantulas, and some larger frogs.

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