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Juwel Oxy Plus O2 Diffuser


Juwel Oxy Plus O2 Diffuser

The Juwel O2 Diffuser increases the oxygen level in your aquarium and thus contributes to the vitality of your fish. The O2-Diffuser is infinitely adjustable and suitable for all Juwel filter systems with the sole exception of the Bioflow One. Venturi fitting at the top of the unit allows air to enter through a short rigid air line. Water movement from filter creates a vacuum, which in turn sucks the air down through the pipe and disperses it in the aquarium. This function provides both an attractive visual effect in your aquarium and helps increase oxygen levels in the aquarium for the benefit of your livestock.

  • Increases the oxygen content in the aquarium
  • Continuously adjustable
  • Compatible with all JUWEL filter systems
  • Easy to use

For more than 50 years JUWEL Aquarium has been synonymous with quality and innovation in aquarium manufacturing and is thus setting standards in design and technology. Emphasis was placed on a systems concept right from the start. They therefore developed the technology required for the successful operation of an aquarium from early on and their first brand was able to offer a range of aquariums with components that are all perfectly compatible with each other.