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Japanese Koi 14″

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Japanese Koi 14"

Our Japanese Koi Carp are a wide selection of colours and types at unbeatable prices.

Koi Carp are the most prized and valuable of all ornamental pond fish and the Japanese are the highest tier of quality and breeeding. Some of the most expensive fish sold in the world are Japanese Koi.

Japanese Koi are reputed to be genetically stronger, larger and with better colour retention than UK or Israeli bred fish.  Koi can lose colours such as reds oranges and even blacks as they age. This can be influenced by many factors, such as breedin, water quality and general habitat. Japanese koi don't tend to lose their colouration as they age as long as they are kept in good condition. It is a myth that koi require crystal clear water to live, but clean water is important. Like all carp, they make a lot of mess and produce a lot of waste and as they will grow to a mzimum of 24", the filtration must be able to handle this bioload.  The Pond should be large enough to accommodate these huge fish.

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If you need any advice on keeping these fish, drop in to store or contact us and we'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.