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ITC Reef Delete UVC Pest Control Wand



Beat nature naturally! Reef Delete is the ultimate easy-to-use, chemical free solution to rid your aquarium of all kinds of pests.

NEW V1.02 – With 1.7X more power over our original launch Reef Delete!

Reef Delete is a ultra-focused handheld UVC torch. Normal UVC Units are a great tool in a tank however the flow through them is usually too fast to properly target pests. Reef Delete allows your to target pests closely and precisely. Reef Delete fights off a whole host of pests including pest corals, algae, flatworms etc including bubble algae, soft corals like Xenia, Aiptasia.

Simply press and hold the button to irradiate the pests for 3-5 minutes. Reef Delete works to break down the cell and DNA of the pest which results in them effectively “melting” (it’s a bit horrid but very cathartic!). Depending on the pest, results can be instant however in some case you may need to repeat the process several times to fully eradicate it.

Comes complete with an adapter to concentrate the UVC beam allowing for more controlled targeting. Best results are found once a 360 degree irradiation has occurred, targeting the pest from different angles to hit as many cells as possible.

A built in water sensor means that your Reef Delete will not work when out of water as UVC is dangerous to eyes. You will also find a very snazzy pair of orange goggles supplied with your Reef Delete, just as an extra safety precaution. These should be worn at all times when using the product.