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Honey Gourami

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Common & Latin Name: Honey Gourami (Trichogaster Chuna)

Care level: Easy
Max Size: 5cm
Diet: Omnivore
Temp: 18-28°C
PH: 6-8
Purchase size: 3cm

Honey Gourami are one of the most peaceful of the gouramies. They are a shy, peaceful fish that appreciates a fair sized tank with lots of plants and shady spots. The males do sometimes spar or fight over territory, so if several specimens are to be kept together, the aquarium must have sufficient space to allow each of them to have their own territory. If males and females are mixed, it is advised that the females outnumber the males and there are plenty of hiding spots for the females to get away from the amorous attentions of the males. This ensures that none of them end up being pursued relentlessly and become too stressed. Flow should be gentle and being labyrinth fish, the gourami must be able to access the surface of the water.

Tank mates can include other peaceful species like Tetra, Corydoras and Cherry Barbs. Honeys seldom concern themselves with other fish in the tank and don't cause trouble

Food can be offered in the form of pellets and fresh or frozen fish foods such as blood worm, daphnia and brine shrimp

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